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Shared on YouTube in 2011:

Randy shares a dream/vision about the next, soon coming economic crash he received in May of 2010.

God spoke to Randy with exact timing of the 2008 stock market, econmic crash.

Around 2010 he revealed another dream/vision about the 2nd, soon coming stock market/economic

crash that will make the 2008 crash seem like a Texas dirt devil, compared to a roaring

massive destructive tornado.



About Our PGN

Internet Christian Church

The PGN 

'Global by Mobile Mission'

Reaching Out To Both Worlds


Now that satelites are positioned all over the globe for mobile phone services, we beleive that we can now reach both worlds, the church world and the lost and dying world.


 Every human being on the globe can now be reached by mobile phones. This new amazing tool for reaching the whole world is now being used to connect the globe so that every soul can receive communications from anyone anywhere.


The Word of the Lord spoken by God's servants allowing for missionary work, the preparing the way of The Lord to the  whole world, by personally teaching and training all who will have an ear to hear.


The Holy Spirit is universally omnipresent and in a way so are satelites positioned omnipresent around the globe.


Now that satelite systems are basically omnipresent over earth, It is now possible, for the first time to truly preach the gospel of Christ a speak prophetically to the whole world, so that Jesus can come back and set up his kingdom on earth.


We must prepare the way for The Lord's second coming, so all evil will finally be placed under His feet. The whole world is easy reachable to all who have access to a mobile phone.


Reaching Both Worlds with

Both Kinds of the Word of God


Church World - Lost & Dying World

 Effectiveness of

 Both Kinds of The Word of God


The 1st Kind of Word

Revelation of the Written Word of God

(2nd Timothy 3:16) NIV


The 2nd Kind of Word of God

Personal Prophetic Word

 (1st Timothy 1:18) NIV


The church is the kingdom of God on the earth, so it must be built up and equipped with both kinds of the word of God. 


 'First Kind' of the Word of God

The great Benjaminite warrior, the Apostle Paul, wrote in 

2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be throughtly equipped for every good work. (NIV )


'Second Kind' of the Word of God

The apostle Paul writes to his special son in The Lord from 

1st Timothy 1:18 This charge I commit to you, my son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare....(NIV)



Both Worlds

The Church World - Lost & Dying World

Can receive both kinds of the Word of God freely!



In order to access the full measure of the  word of God to empower the church to reach the lost and dying world, we need full access to all the 'God information,' revealation, for the individual and to the corporate church. Equipi in order to wage the most effective and powerful good warfare, both kinds of the words of The Lord are essential to be fully equipped for the battles we face now and espeically in the future.


NKJ - Romans 10:14

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? 15And how shall they preach unless they are sent?  As it is written:

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” 16But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah says, “Lord, who has believed our report?” 17So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


'Global my Mobile Mission'

The global internet makes it possible to reach all the world. Both worlds can see and hear the word of The Lord on their mobile phones.That's why PGN is focused on the 'Global by Mobile' mission. The greatest missoin tool God has given us to reach the wolrd is now available to PGN.

As never before we have the way to reach each and every individual in the globe with the message of Gods gracious love.

The one thing most every human being has in the earth today is a mobile phone,


'Global by Mobile'

by Randy Chandler - PGN


How Our Christian Church Organization Began


Randy Chandler has always seen himself in the service of the Lord and has walked that path since his youth. The teachings, prophetic revelations, personal prophetic words to hundreds of thousands to the least, missionaries and the greatest in the body of Christ. The well documented public words given prophetically to the political arena and financial markets across the globe have set Randy Chandler and PGN on a global  scale as an accurate  prophet with global prophetic influence.


of the Lord he preaches and  now resound and the prophetic words are well documented in the mouths  followers, spoken of in Political, Financial, and  , and our PGN Christian church ministries sound loud and clear in many languages.



 Randy Chandler Ministries History


Randy Chandler Ministries Inc has been a 501 (c)(3) non profit corporation since 1986, founded by Randy in west Texas. 


Randy started his first public ministry is a store front church in 1985 named World Outreach Ministry Center.


 He found himself pastoring his first non denominational charismatic church of about 100 members.


Randy Question's His Calling


A year or so after beginning his first church ministry, Randy began to question his calling as a pastor. 


After seeking passionately for an answer from God, the Spirit of the Lord made it clear that Randy was called to the shepherd ministry. 


God answered Randy’s question about the calling on his life, The answer was clear as day after a time of asking, seeking and knocking on that door. 


 God gave him several supernatural signs, including information concerning major events in foreign across the globe a short time, within a couple of hours or so after the events happened.


 God also revealed to Randy things that would happen in the future in his local area that were shocking and unbelievable.


Once he understood that he was called to feed The Lords sheep, a new boldness and reverential fear and awe came over him as he pursued Gods hand on his life. 


Randy desired a healing evangelist ministry calling from God and even though he saw God heal and do a few healing miracles, the Holy Spirit eventually made it clear to Randy what his main calling was.


As time went by he found himself getting some unique supernatural words and information through dreams and visions. During Randy’s meetings the gift of the word of knowledge was functioning in a way he had not known before.


The supernatural information Randy began receiving was on several different levels. He received warnings of danger and hardship for nations and financial institutions that miraculously came to pass. He also received many uplifting prophetic words for hundred of people that came to pass in some amazing ways. God is really good!


Special Prophetic Miracles


Randy received information by the Holy Spirit one night during a weekly service at the storefront church he had started in 1984 -85. He was trying to end the service when suddenly a name came into his mind, George. 


He prayed for George and then another name came, Ottis, so he prayed for Ottis. As he prayed for Ottis suddenly he felt fear all around him and described the feeling as being in a fox hole in a war zone. 


Randy’s head intercessor stood up and said, “I see destruction.” She came forward and they agreed for mercy for George or Ottis or whoever this supernatural informations was for.


The next morning on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson made a shocking announcement that his friend George Ottis who owned and operated a radio station in Lebanon, Israel had been bombed by a terrorist in the early morning hours. All the workers on that early morning shift were killed by the explosion, including the security officer guarding the facility. 


Randy personally spoke with brother George Ottis by phone several years after to get, ‘The rest of the story.’ Brother Ottis confirmed all that God had given and had been said and more.


Early, the morning of the attack, a security officer was standing guard outside the radio staion. The christian radion station was reaching Jews and Muslims beaming the signal of the gospel all over Lebanon, Israel where many hostile Muslims hated that George Ottis was trying to convert the muslim people.


The security guard on duty, around 5am that morning, saw a man approaching the station with a back pack on. The security officer told the man to halt, but he did not. The officer shot the man and when the bullets hit the back pack, a huge explosion blasted the area, killing the security officer and blowing up the radio stations building with all the people in the station losing their lives also.


Brother Ottis told me that the transmitter was not destroyed, but all the employees who had just started a new shift died in the terrorist attach that morning. 


Long story short, at about the same time (around 9pm Texas time - cst) Randy was getting the word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit in the worship service that night, was the time (around 5am Lebanon time) the terrorist attach was going on, on the other side of the world, in Lebanon, Israel  over 7,000 miles away on the other side of the globe.


Randy was excited and deeply shaken by this event that God showed him because it was on a whole new level of information, regarding danger from terrorist with several deaths taking place.


This supernatural event opened Randy up to clear conformation of the calling to feed God's sheep as a five fold ministry call.  After a few years of seaching, it was made clear to Randy, the call of a God called servant 

opened up a whole new world of the Prophet and the prophetic realm. 


The event, the act of terror and persecution toward the gospel of Jesus Christ and George Ottis broke the seal that opened Randy's eyes to the call in his life to serve The Lord in ministry. For Randy this was the beginning of many many other supernatural prophet like events yet to happen. 


To read more testimonies and miracles from the word of the Lord.


 Go to: Testimonies 

About Randy Chandler Ministries Inc


Randy Chandler is the founder of Randy Chandler Ministries Inc. He is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ who preaches the word, reveling from the word of God, prophesying corporately and over individuals personally in the body of Christ.


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